• Updated: 22.03.24
  • Version:
  • Requires: Android 5.0 and up
  • Google Play: Open

Case simulator for Standoff 2 is a simulator for opening cases for the popular game Standoff 2. The game was created for entertainment purposes with the ability to open many boxes, buy and sell items, craft and complete some missions.


The simulator features simple and intuitive gameplay. The opening of the boxes is completely realistic and has the highest detail. Each item can be brought as close as possible and examined. Along with skins, rare stickers and decals drop out of cases. Item sets are regularly replenished.

The gameplay is simple. Her goal is to open as many boxes as possible. Cases are purchased for gold. Initially, the amount of gold is limited. It can be obtained in various ways. One of these is viewing advertisements, for which gold is awarded.

The simulator was created by fans specifically for fans of Standoff 2. An item of absolutely any rarity can fall out of the box. The collection is constantly updated and allows you to try out even the latest new items. It is also possible to sell the skin at a local store and purchase one that has not yet fallen out of the case.