• Updated: 08.12.23
  • Version: 1.8.1
  • Requires: Android 4.4 and up
  • Google Play: Open

Granny Outwitt is a horror-style game app for Android about a granny granny. This version was developed with the aim of expanding the game settings, as well as adding unique content. Expanding the settings allows you to adjust the gameplay to the personal preferences of gamers.

During the game, it may happen that not for everyone the default settings may be optimal. This shortcoming is easy to fix if you turn to the settings. Using the settings, you can change the gravity, speed, as well as the size of the characters. You can also get access to gaming accessories that can greatly simplify the entire gameplay.

One can only imagine, due to what events the gamer ended up in the house of an evil grandmother. To get out of the trap, it is enough to hold out for only a few days, but it is not so easy. It is necessary to move very carefully, both around the house and around the area around it, hiding behind various objects. By solving puzzles, you can hide in hidden places by opening them. In no case should you catch her eye, otherwise the persecution will begin, which can end very badly. The game will have to be restarted.

  1. ESJEL
    7 April 2024 11:47
    This mod is better than real game
  2. Lucas
    22 March 2024 17:41
    I love the mod so much better than the real game
  3. fast browser
    fast browser
    19 March 2024 17:53
    so good game
  4. Yashmith
    8 March 2024 09:17
    How get outwitt
  5. Aly Mohamed
    Aly Mohamed
    3 March 2024 21:22
    نااخت ن
  6. Raqeeb
    3 March 2024 11:51
    Granny outwitt

    How does this mod work
  7. Dakota
    16 February 2024 06:46
    How does this mod work
  8. Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique
    31 January 2024 03:56
    Ice junco em incrível os livres
  9. Noraiz
    17 January 2024 12:24
    It's good game
  10. Granny
    15 January 2024 15:11
    Quote: Shraddha sahu
    I love outwitt mode of granny game

    It is good for game

    Unlimited ammo
  11. Diego andres batista salas
    Diego andres batista salas
    9 January 2024 20:13
    Me gustaría convertirme en granny
  12. Diego
    27 December 2023 22:44
    Es el mejor mod
  13. Bader Gleeda
    Bader Gleeda
    23 December 2023 16:20
  14. Shraddha sahu
    Shraddha sahu
    23 October 2023 18:05
    I love outwitt mode of granny game

    It is good for game