• Updated: 21.03.24
  • Version: 6.6.1
  • Requires: Android 7.0 and up
  • Google Play: Open

GetContact is a popular application that allows you to block unwanted calls and detect spam. It also allows a person to find out exactly how his number was recorded by other subscribers. The application weighs a little and works stably even on older smartphones. Registration is as simple as possible. All you need is a stable internet connection and a valid phone number. The last point is especially important, since without it a personal account will not be created.

The benefits of the service are as follows:

  1. Identification of all numbers when calling, even if they are not in the phone book.
  2. 100% protection against spam and advertising mailings that are carried out using mobile communications.
  3. When you call from an unknown phone number, a certain status appears. If there were many complaints about the number, then the mark "unwanted" will appear. You should not answer it, as there is a high risk of running into scammers.

After installing the utility, the user can add certain numbers to the list of unwanted numbers. After making them, calls will no longer go through. The user can also request that their own phone number be removed from the GetContact database.


Download Getcontact for android free

Google Auto Login Workaround:
Uninstall Mod/Original App> Reboot phone> Install official app from PlayStore >Login with Google> Uninstall It > install Mod and login>Enjoy