• Updated: 19.05.24
  • Version: 2.3
  • Requires: Android 9.0 and up

StandLeo is a private server for the top shooter Standoff 2, developed on the Unity engine. The developers also took care of innovations that were not in the original development. These are unique modes that will appeal to many gamers.


This private game is based on the Unity engine. Naturally, the standard modes of many people’s favorite shooting games are also taken as a basis, such as team fights, explosive planting and much more. This shooting game is best played with friends, and the unique private app will provide a lot of fun. This action shooter is played by about 200 million gamers around the world. This is an exciting world of various fights, as well as dynamic shootouts. In addition, the player will have to go on a unique journey through various locations.


In addition to standard modes, this version contains a number of new modes.

  1. “Surf” mode. It is interesting because there is no shooting in it. In this mode, you don’t have to kill each other, but explore locations together.
  2. “Bunny Hop” mode. With this mode, the player can improve his abilities by running faster, jumping much higher, and much more.
  3. “Duels” mode – one-on-one fights.

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  1. Ersin Tairi
    Ersin Tairi
    Friday at 17:35
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    15 May 2024 18:28
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    Gazmend Bojku
    8 May 2024 21:31
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    6 May 2024 14:24
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    5 May 2024 20:46
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      6 May 2024 22:38
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    Ylljon Azizi
    30 April 2024 08:59
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    27 April 2024 12:42
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    27 April 2024 11:56
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  12. Егор
    14 April 2024 19:31
    Developers make it so that you can ban cheaters!!! AND ALSO BRING BACK THE ACCOUNT CREATION!!!
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    11 April 2024 20:25
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    2 April 2024 17:22
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