• Updated: 28.05.24
  • Version: 0.20.16
  • Requires: Android 4.4 and up

Summertime Saga is a visual novel with erotic elements. The action takes place in the summer in a small town, where everything is conducive to relaxation, flirting, and adventure. The content is flavored with a detective story that leads into the distant past.

Game plot

The main character is a college student, almost a graduate. There is only a semester left before graduation when his father unexpectedly dies. Experiencing the loss of a loved one, the guy learns that his dad owes a large amount of money to the local mafia. Now the debts have been inherited to him, and he is obliged to pay them off. While solving financial issues, he is simultaneously looking for a date for the prom, because it’s not comme il faut to come to the ball without a girl.


  1. the hero can find allies and helpers among the residents of the town if he finds a common language with them;
  2. he always has a choice of how to act in a given situation;
  3. the narration is conducted through a dialogue system, where the player chooses one of the answers to the question posed, turning the plot in
  4. different directions;
  5. You can directly interact with many objects, as well as collect useful equipment;
  6. characters are in certain places depending on the time of day.
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