• Updated: 22.02.24
  • Version:
  • Requires: Android 5.0 and up
  • Google Play: Open

Spotify is a popular music application for Android devices. It gives users access to a huge library of music tracks and podcasts. With Spotify, a user can listen to millions of tracks from various artists from all over the world. For convenience, the user creates playlists and saves their favorite tracks in them.

Important! The app offers personalized recommendations based on the user's preferences and listening history.

Spotify has an offline listening feature. This feature allows users to download tracks and podcasts to listen to without an Internet connection. In addition to music, Spotify offers a wide selection of podcasts on topics ranging from news and entertainment to education and science. If desired, a person can subscribe to his favorite channels and receive notifications about new releases.

One of the important features of Spotify is the ability to share playlists. The app also allows people to follow their friends' activities, view their playlists and share their personal music preferences with them.

Overall, Spotify is a convenient app for listening to music and podcasts. The project offers not only a wide selection of music content, but also convenient functions for finding new music.

Spotify: Music and Podcasts

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